Season VIII Initiative Bailando

Season 8 Initiative: Bailando

 Learn about the world through dance

Each session includes four dances and cultural information such as musical instruments, flags, traditional dress and more. Choose from the following programs or have one created for you.

For each dance, participants learn three simple steps and a choreography using the three steps which is then performed to music.

Sample Programs

Program Description
Hispanic Heritage Spanish flamenco, Mexican folkloric dance, Argentine Murga, and Cuban salsa
St. Patrick’s Day Irish dances including clog dance, step dance, seas-nós, and ceili
Carnival Traditional Carnival dances from Brazil, Argentina, Italy and New Orleans
Cinco de Mayo A celebration of Mexican dances
Bastille Day Traditional French dances including can can, bourree, gavotte, and
Easter Dances for Easter such as the egg dance and Italian dances including the tarantella
American Dances American dances through the ages including square dance, hula, the twist, and the slow drag
European Dances German landler, Czech polka, English hornpipe, Hungarian czardas
Africa South African xibelani, Somali dhaanto, Cambodian romvong, Egyptian belly dance
Asia Russian troika, Chinese dragon dance, Indian bharatanatyam, Indonesia peacock dance
Crossroads Learn dances that are similar from across the world, like Aboriginal shaky leg dance and the Charleston,  hula and belly dance, Mexican scissor kick and Ukranian trepak, and hip hop step touch and Italian tarantella

DA.3.H.2.1:  Discuss the roles that dance has played in various social, cultural, and folk traditions.

DA.5.H.1.1:  Share and perform dances from diverse cultural or historical backgrounds and describe their significance within their original context.

DA.5.H.1.2: Describe the dances, music, and authentic costumes from specified world cultures.

DA.5.H.3.2: Demonstrate how math and science concepts may be used in dance.

DA.5.H.2.2 : Classify a dance performance or repertoire piece by origin, genre, or period.     (954) 803-3762