Adventures of the Young Composers

Adventures of the Young Composers is a cultural program that introduces small children to world cultures, classical music, instruments and famous composers.

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Each week students hear about one famous classical composer and his home country.   Students hear an original story based on actual events in the life of the composer with an accompanying song set to famous music by the composer. They learn a few words in the language, see traditional clothing, learn a simple dance, and see the country on a world map.  Maximum of 50 students per session.  Available in English and Spanish or both.

Composer Country Song Dance
Rossini Italy Rossini likes fettuccini Tarantella
Offenbach France Offenbach needs confidence Can Can
Spain Bizet Bizet the swimmer Flamenco
Germany Beethoven Ludwig breaks his promise Polka
Norway Grieg Grieg moves to Sweden Springleik
Russia Tchaikovsky Peter the ballerina Trepak
Austria Johann Strauss Johann lied Waltz
Hungary Haydn Haydn eats too many sweets Czardas
Turkey Mozart Sibling Rivalry Belly dance
Czech Republic Dvorak Dvorak learns to share Beseda
England Handel The big spender Gigue
USA Joplin Joplin stays in school Cakewalk