iLUMA Online

Welcome to iLUMA online. This is a literacy program designed to improve reading comprehension and listening skills through the use of keywords, which are colors. Open the link below to get to the online storyboard.

Right click on the Calamity Jane storyboard. Click save as and save to your computer. Open with Microsoft paint to complete electronically or print to complete on paper. Please send your completed storyboard to us at
Right click on the image to save it or copy it. You can open it or paste it in Microsoft Paint or any other photo editing software.

Below is the link to the online version of Microsoft Paint. You can complete the storyboard using Microsoft Paint. Simply click on the paint can in the left hand tool bar and select your color from the palette in the bottom left hand corner. Click inside the space that you want to color. You can erase by clicking control (ctrl) x or simply choose another color and you can paint over. When you have completed your story board, in the left hand tool bar select file then print and save as a pdf. Send the pdf file to and include your name and group.