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Comments from Between the Bars: Music and the Prison Experience

Thank you so much! We love. Being a part of this evening! I loved my Tango! It was a good experience to be apart of. I’m very grateful!      -Dean McKee

Great song ladies!  -Christy Fox

Thank you for your program tonight. What an amazing experience sharing time with all of you! –L.  Zamora

Here is what the critics are saying about Bailando at the Ball

Excellent combination of stories, movement and music. Congratulations for wonderful event.  

Excellent program

This was amazing!


This is awesome, love this

Great way to get the blood flowing

So much fun!


“I loved hearing about how engaged all of your participants, teachers, and chaperones were.  And the one school that stayed through all three performances. How did you have time to make the changes you did—getting rid of the stage, using red/green directions?  Seems like you have a lot of thinking on your feet.”

        -Stephanie S. Litvak, Manager, VSA Programs, The Kennedy Center

“We enjoyed every second of the experience. My students LOVED Ms. M. They were eager to show off what they were learning, they trusted her opinion and guidance, and they wanted to make her proud. They especially like to perform with “their” Principal, which just added to the experience. They were so excited to perform in front of peers they invited our bus driver to sit with us to watch the show. My students were given material that I thought was outside of their abilities/comfort zone. They ALL rose to the occasion and did an amazing job! Four out of my seven students memorized material that was on grade level, which was impressive. So very proud of the work they did for our visiting artist. 19. Please share a success story about one student as a result of this program. I could actually share stories for each of my students, since they all showed determination and drive. My one student who has limited verbalizations was able to act out his part using hand motions. He was also comfortable enough that he joined another group on stage to show off his dance moves. Something we would not have seen at the beginning of the year.”

         -Kimberly Sylvia, Silver Shores Elementary

Victoria Wiedman speaks to the impact of iLUMA at North Regional/Broward College Library in Coconut Creek.

I really liked your program-an entertaining and rich mix of music, literature, history,culture, etc., all very age appropriate.  As a former teacher I can appreciate the thought and work that went into the presentation.
Howard Rosen
about iLUMA at Hallandale Beach Library

OH MY GOODNESS you all were AMAZING! A HEARTWARMING pleasure to have had you all there! The attendees rant and raved about the artist and their survivor stories. Myrna,  this was such a blessing to survivors, me and Hosanna4Youth.
“When I walked the path and arrived at the first artist playing the flute my fluttered and a tear rolled down my check. The music soothed me as if I was dancing in rain!”-Angine
Angine Moss
Creator of the Survivor Stroll

Congratulations on a very interesting and pleasurable evening Saturday night. (Program 6) Your programs are innovative and stimulating.  I admire and applaud your vision as set out in your mission statement.  Your articulation of the composers’ lives and livelihoods was very well done.  This activity greatly enhances my quality of life.  Your newest fan,

Chatman Talley, concert attendee

A very special thanks to Myrna Meeroff and the South Florida Chamber Ensemble  for the wonderful orchestra presentation today at St Juliana’s Catholic Church!!! It was an awesome Christmas celebration with two very talented and professional groups !!!

Michael Martinez- St. Juliana Catholic Church

I wanted to thank you for coming out to our school today, and much more, for coming into my classroom. It was a great experience watching you expose my students to things they’ve never been exposed to before. You are obviously a very talented and gifted lady who is amazing with kids. As I sat in the back of the room I was taken back at how well you worked with and communicated with my students. Many of them were impressed, to say the least. I hope this is not the last time that I see you and hope to experience this again in the future. Stay with what you’re doing, it’s remarkable! 

-Rene Mondejar, 5th Grade Teacher, Somerset East Prep. Academy

We hired a trio from SFCE for our wedding last Friday and were very pleased with their performance and the process working with them for the wedding. Myrna was very responsive and easy to work with. She was able to play all our requests including some contemporary pieces. We were very happy with the performance and would highly recommend this company for other weddings.

– Christine Filusch, bride