Season III Initiative Interactive Opera

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Season III Educational Initiative

Star in an opera with no experience necessary.  Each performance comes complete with costumes, props, and dialogue cards with instructions for each cast member.

Carmen flamenco

Three Ways to Play 

Single Scene One Day Workshop Residency
In one hour, students read the story, create their own costumes, and learn one song and dance.  The hour ends with a performance of one scene from the opera. In this cultural workshop, students learn about the country, its traditional dress and its language.  They create props and costumes, learn songs and dances, all culminating in a full performance of the opera. Assessments included. An arts integration cultural program that uses culture to teach students foreign language, history, geography and multiple arts.  Students use what they learned to create authentic costumes, props, and scenery, choreograph their own dances, and create original lyrics culminating in the opera performance.  Assessments included.