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Collaborating composers' submission form.

Join the SFCE in a new composition by Shawn Crouch about the refugee crisis. We believe that everyone is a refugee... from something. Send us your story of flight from a difficult situation and we will include it in the new work. You can submit the story as text, audio or video. All submissions become the property of the South Florida Chamber Ensemble to include in a newly commissioned work by composer Shawn Crouch. Excerpts from the stories will appear in the composition and stories will also be layered to create a white noise effect that will play during the piece.

Submissions may be sent in anonymously. If you choose to give your name you are authorizing the South Florida Chamber Ensemble to use your name in conjunction with your story.

Your email is not required. However, by giving your email address, you authorize the South Florida Chamber Ensemble to contact you via email. Collaborating composers who submit their email will be invited to hear samples of the work in progress and to attend all rehearsals of the work.

Attach your audio or video version of the story here. Please record your story in a quiet place so that the story can be clearly heard.

Collaborating composers are also invited to submit a selfie with their face covered by an emoji icon depicting where you are in the healing process from your flight. You can submit the photo here.